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How to Handle All the IoT Brought into Your Business

The Internet of Things has forced businesses to think about the threats that countless mobile devices pose when they access a network, and it’s not something that is going away anytime soon. How can your business be as prepared as possible for the Internet of Things? We’ll give you some ideas for how you can address Internet of Things devices on your company’s network infrastructure. The Internet of Things is a massive network of interconnected devices, many of which have not traditionally been known for their network connectivity. Some great examples of these devices include kitchen appliances, small mobile devices like smart watches, and other industry-specific and consumer goods. These devices are known to communicate with one-another and send data across networks that they are attached to, making them a potential data disaster just waiting to happen. Therefore, businesses need to be cognizant of the threat these devices pose. You can start by implementing what’s called an Internet of Things policy. It basically boils down to how you handle Internet of Things devices in your office.

You Can’t Stop Them All

The important thing to remember is that you can’t stop all devices from making their way into your office. It’s just impossible–there will always be that one employee who ignores the rules you set forth regarding wearable technology or Internet of Things devices. Understanding this is critical to protecting your organization’s network infrastructure.

But You Can Limit Their Influence

While you can’t keep all devices off your network, you can put measures in place to limit their influence. In particular, you can implement adequate security measures, including a unified threat management system to keep affected devices from causing trouble for your organization. Furthermore, a Bring Your Own Device policy will require your employees to adhere to certain rules you put in place regarding their personal devices.

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